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Click here for an especially comprehensive PowerPoint summary of the book that includes an explanation of the life-cycle valuation model, which is used extensively by money management firms worldwide. Also included are long-term, life-cycle charts of major firms with key insights to help you understand how managerial skill and competition interact to determine firms’ long-term financial performance and, ultimately, shareholder returns.

Life-Cycle Reviews (discussed in Chapter 6) would improve management/board capital expenditure decisions and fundamentally upgrade investor communications.  The key is a reality-based analysis of the firm’s major business units grounded in the life-cycle framework.  The focus is on why business-unit reinvestment should create value in the future.  Click here for a PowerPoint presentation about Life-Cycle Reviews.


"In a world where short-term thinking has taken hold for too many managers and investors, Value Creation Thinking provides a much needed perspective on the key drivers of long-term value.  Madden unites the fundamentals of financial valuation with a unique emphasis on corporate purpose, culture, and knowledge.  Based on decades of research and practice, Value Creation Thinking sheds light on enduring sources of competitive advantage and exposes how traditional business thinking and accounting practices often distract managers and investors from sustained performance.  By speaking the language of both shareholders and stakeholders, Madden provides an important contribution to our understanding of capitalism at a critical moment and an illuminating roadmap for the future of business."

Dominic Barton, Global Managing Director, McKinsey & Co.

“A free society is an engine of wealth creation … Bart Madden’s Value Creation Thinking is driven by the philosophy that an understanding of that [wealth creation] process defines a path to the long term increase in investor returns. … Beware the crony capitalist firm seeking profits from favors; the money is in creating value for customers.”

Vernon L. Smith, Chapman University, Nobel Laureate in Economics


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